The SJB Range

Not surprisingly, our customers present a wide variety of test pieces with considerable variation in the design of ridges to which instrumentation may be attached. We have therefore devised a simple taper locking system that can be easily adapted to each customer's requirements. This system avoids the use of nuts and bolts in assembly and a simple extractor allows quick and easy removal of the instrumentation after testing.

SJB materials testing instrumentation includes:

Low ductility or stress relaxation extensometer

Where low ductility is a feature of the test conditions, SJB offers an extensometer with the following beneficial characteristics:

High ductility creep extensometer

For high ductile applications, SJB has developed an extensometer offering:

Low cycle fatigue extensometer

The contact points of this extensometer are renewable and may be varied in shape to suit the customer's requirements. It also offers:

Compact tension displacement gauge

This gauge monitors displacement inside the slot and on the load line, and offers: