Special Purpose Applications

Having accumulated much valuable experience across the materials testing spectrum, SJB understands the need to keep developing special instruments capable of meeting the varied and changing needs of our customers. Among the special purpose applications catered for by SJB instrumentation are:

Three-dimensional monitoring

Where rectangular test pieces are used, and the customer requires direct comparison of changes in length, width and thickness, SJB offers instrumentation that is:

Tube burst monitoring

Monitoring pressurised tubes inside a furnace presents numerous problems. When designing monitoring equipment, several areas of concern must be accounted for. Chief among these are inconsistency in the deformation of the test piece, combined with possible tube rupture and damage to the furnace. SJB has devised a four-part process to minimise risk and improve performance:

  1. A steel liner is introduced to protect the furnace
  2. Sensors have been built into the case (four diametrically opposed)
  3. Sensors have been shaped to the test piece diameter and operate inside the protective liner
  4. Four sensors periodically traverse the length of the test piece and record its profile with each pass